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Green Tea Fat Burner Pills

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Green tea has been common for centuries in India, China, Japan, and Thailand and is now commonly drank around the world. In the far east, it has been used as a medicine as well as a general health drink. Today it is commonly marketed for weight loss and other health benefits. Let’s explore the green tea and specifically green tea fat burner pills.

Green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves and contains a high concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols. These antioxidants are critical for fighting free radicals in our body which attack and damage healthy cells. There have been numerous scientific tests done to study the effects of green tea and they suggest that it may help numerous health conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes, and liver disease as well has help with weight loss.

Green Tea Fat Burner

According to a report published on the University of Maryland website (, clinical studies show that taking green tea extract may increase metabolism and help burn fat. Researchers speculate the fat burning effect is caused by the polyphenols.

Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It originally grew in East Asia as a large shrub or tree and now can be found throughout Asia and parts of Africa and the Middle East. The varieties of tea vary based on how much they are fermented. Because green tea is not fermented, it has a higher concentration of antioxidants than the partially fermented (oolong tea) and fully fermented (black tea) varieties.

Green tea fat burner pills are usually sold as dried tea leaves inside a capsule. You can get similar benefits from actually drinking the tea, but the concentrations vary considerably and a capsule can give you a more consistent level of green tea. It also takes multiple cups of tea to match the concentration in a capsule. Many people do not like the bitter taste of the actual tea and prefer capsules.

2 Responses to “Green Tea Fat Burner Pills”

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  • Amy Kalaf says:

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