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Mountain Rose Herbs

Pain Blockers

Many of us suffer with pain from time to time and some chronic pain. Day in and day out an ongoing pain with very little relief. It maybe necessary to take over-the-counter or even prescription pain relievers. But what if you don”t have to…? If you read the bottle of your pain relief medication you may find side effect and warnings such as: This product may cause kidney and liver damage; Do not take over the amount prescribed do to over-dose; May cause serious side effects if used with other medications; May cause serious drop in blood pressure; May cause vision changes, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, mood changes, head aches, dizziness etc…Why go through all of this if it is not necessary? You could be creating new health problems while attempting to get relief from the one you already have.

When we take pain medication for long periods of time our bodies adapt to them. We have to go through a detox period if we are wanting to stay off of the medication, this is a form of addiction. When our bodies are used to having a certain chemical or even natural substance and we immediately stop the consumption our body may go into a bit of shock. This can cause other health issues to arise and also cause extreme irritability. If you are used to consuming caffeine on a daily basis such as two cups of coffee in the morning or 3 caffeinated soft drinks a day then suddenly stop you may find yourself craving the caffeine and feeling very tense inside. If there is a natural way of fight against pain wouldn”t you rather go that route? Instead of having to deal with side effects, health warnings and even addiction what if there are natural resources that not only relieve pain but also support your over all health.

Below I have listed natural food sources that can give you relief and a health boost. When using be sure you continue as it may take a little while to get your body where it needs to be. If one does not work for you over a period of time try another. What works for one may not work online casinos for another, don”t give up.

-One food that acts similar to blackjack Ibuprofen is the De fleste nordiske nett har ogsa startet a promotere Live Kasino. cherry. Cherries are full of antioxidants and help the body regulate water and reduces swelling. Eating approximately 20 cherries can help relieve pain do to arthritis, an injury and head aches. It also provide a health boost by providing vitamins A and C along with Potassium. Cherries are a good source for casino jameshallison cleansing the body and assisting in the prevention of heart decease.

-Mint oil can assist with the relief of head aches. By mixing mint oil with a TSP of rubbing alcohol and rubbing it into your temples can give near instant relief.

-Eucalyptus Oil is a wonderful pain relieving tool. This natural oil is known to relieve sprangs and muscle pains. Simply massage the oil in a circular motion to the effected area.

-Soy may also help with pain as it seems to target osteoarthritis sufferers. Consuming soy on a daily basis can help improve range-of-motion over a period of time. It is thought Soy may reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis.

Other known remedies are as follows:

-Mix honey to warm water and drink for a pain reliever.

-Milk can relieve pain within the stomach as it has alkalizing effects.

-Fish oil taken on a daily basis helps to relieve pain such as arthritis and joint pain.

-Eating a couple of walnuts a few times throughout the day can fight pain.

-Almonds have similar effect to aspirin when you eat twelve

-For muscle pain rub clove oil into the area.

I can go on and on of the many natural resources we have in controlling pain. When choosing a natural source you not only get relief of pain but you also get that health boost. Our bodies will naturally detox the harmful chemicals leaving our bodies even stronger then before. Why add more health issues on top of the ones you are already battling. Go natural and break the chemically dependent cycle.

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