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App Empire Bonus Offer

There is a new training program called App Empire that shows people how to create a profitable business creating and selling mobile apps. It is one of the hottest things on the market right now and if you are a member of any internet marketing lists, you have probably been bombarded with promotions for it. Just to make sure I don’t get left behind, I have created an App Empire bonus offer of my own. You can learn about it by clicking the link to visit the page I created at I also created an App Empire Bonus video that you may want to check out.

To give you a quick a overview of the bonus, I can tell you it includes a $629 iPad 3 with 3G and WiFi. This is an actual bonus for everybody who buys not just a drawing like many people are doing. I have some other cool things too, but he iPad 3 is the main attraction. If, for some reason, you don’t want an iPad 3, I will get you anything else of similar value. I think it is the best App Empire bonus available so check it out today!

Since the program was just released, it would be impossible for me to give you a review, but I can tell you that the creator, Chad Mureta, has been doing this for a while and has trained almost everybody else that is doing this type of program like Trey Smith. I have taken Trey’s training and it was great. According to Trey, this one is even better so I am sure it will be great. If you have any interest at all in creating mobile apps, you need to check this program out.

If you have any questions, just email me at david.vanbergen (at) Thanks for checking it out and good luck building your App Empire!

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